Bits & Pearls 4H Club    

      Bits & Pearls 4-H Club   

               Spotsylvania, VA         

Northern District 4H/FFA Horse Judging 

Clinic & Hippology Contest

March 2, 2013

Winchester Church of God - Winchester, VA

Several members of our club participated in the District 4-H/FFA Horse Judging Clinic and Hippology Contest in Winchester.  For most, this was their first year of competing in such an event.  We are proud to say that some of our members received special recognition for their individual and team efforts.  Namely, Janie Cardwell, Faith Sterna, Sam Evans, and Tori Leonard. 

Our young ladies are meeting regularly to increase their knowledge of horse breeding, confirmation, diseases, parasites, nutrition, etc.  We are confident they will do even better next year!   



The Following Books are highly recommended for all members though not required:

1. Equine Science – Basic Knowledge for Horse People of All Ages by Jean T. Griffiths. Phone: 800-952-5813

2. Illustrated Dictionary of Equine Terms, New Horizons Education Center, Inc. Alpine Publications, PO Box 7027, Loveland, CO 80537 Phone: 1-800-777-7257 Fax: 1-970-667-9157

3. The Horse (2nd edition), by Evans, Borton, Hintz and Van Vleck. W.H Freeman & Company - 660 Market St., San Francisco, California, 94104.

4. Horse Industry Handbook - By the American Youth Horse Council The Equine Collection-Dept. AYHC, PO Box 1539, Fort Lee, NJ 07021-1539 Phone: 1-800-952-5813 Fax: 1-201-840-7242 5. FEEDING AND CARE OF THE HORSE (2nd edition), by Lon D. Lewis. Williams and Wilkens, P.O. Box 1496, Baltimore, MD 21298-9724. Phone: 1-800-638-0672